With support from Moore Foundation, we are currently starting a large scale experiment in hands-on science education called "Ten Thousand Microscope Project." We intend to enlist 10,000 individuals who would be willing to beta-test Foldscope over the summer and develop single page science experiments, protocols, queries, questions, applications based on using Foldscope in a specific community. We aim to collectively write a crowd-sourced biology microscopy manual with examples collected from scientists, teachers, tinkerers, thinkers, hackers, kids and alike. 

We have received applications from over 130 different countries that have humbled and inspired our team. We are so excited to work with you to build this community. 

Unfortunately our Beta-program has now closed. We'll update the website if foldscopes become available through a future program. If you have further questions please contact us at info@foldscope.com.


Much of the beauty that arises in art comes from the struggle an artist wages with his limited medium.

- Henri Matisse. 

Our intent is to engage a broad group of people to collectively generate the "world's most awesome biology manual" which is written from the context of open questions instead of historical discoveries. The goal is to bring together a broad range of members from different communities, context, countries and skill level. To participate in the experiment, you will commit to documenting one single experiment (or series) which can be replicated by anybody in the world with access to a Foldscope or other microscopy platform. Below we list some general categories you might belong to, in order to engage in this large-scale experiment.    

Biologically Curious

Explorer - You are curious about how the world work; and want to unravel the mysteries of nature. 

Ask a question - ask a single question that could possibly be answered via tools from optical microscopy (how many layers of cells in a leaf, what is the structure of salt, how many lenses in an eye of a bee).

Nature lover - You often wonder what lies under the rocks and a leaf unturned.

Field trips - Collect samples from your neighborhoods to formulate questions that are context dependent and thus unique to your own environment.


Tinkerer - you are a tinkerer at heart. You like to change things and see for yourself what it might do to the end goal. 

Designer - Bring up new application areas and suggest design changes to specific applications.

New Features - cook up new features that can be implemented on Foldscope platform.


Creative communicator 

Artist at heart - you are interested in new exciting ways to communicate science and scientific ideas to a broader audience.

Training - Generate training content that enables other to replicate experiments presented.

Teach others - explore best ways of teaching biological protocols to a broad audience (including kids).




Quantify things- You like to play with numbers and quantify things.

Characterize - choose a characterization metric of your liking and quantify the same. 

New optical designs - Explore new optical designs and ways of utilizing folding for optical design.

Define your own category

Choose your own contribution - If you are a cartoonist, explore a new way to document protocols and experiments.


Community organizer - Explore what happens in a community when they are exposed to the microcosmos; explore social implications of microscopy in a community.