On this page you can learn about our dynamic community the Microcosmos, discover different opportunities for educators, and visit our translations section to view & download (or even volunteer to contribute to) the various languages our materials are available in!


The Microcosmos

We believe that the most important part of our company is not the tools themselves, but the communities that use them.

Foldscope users span many countries, ages, and levels of scientific background. The Microcosmos is the collective term for our community of explorers & the name of our online platform. Within the Microcosmos, Foldscope users from around the world connect, share their observations, ideas, and problems. It is a place to collaborate, find inspiration, and learn from fellow explorers. 


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Register it here! Every Foldscope comes with a unique ID Sticker, shown in the photo. The ID sticker has a specially generated code, original to your foldscope! Input this code during the registration process to create a Microcosmos account and become able to create posts, comment, and more.

If you do not have a Foldscope, you will not be able to create or comment on Microcosmos posts. You will only be able to read what’s on the site, which we still highly recommend you do! If you're inspired by what you see and want to join our dynamic community, please visit our store.  

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We are actively looking to engage with educators.

We offer extremely economical Classroom Kitsspecifically designed get microscopes into the hands of kids & to be actually affordable for educators, humanitarian projects, and causes looking to cater to large groups of explorers. 

Depending on circumstance, we also offer webinars and workshops to help you and your students integrate Foldscopes into your classroom. 

In short, we are simply committed to our mission of expanding access to scientific tools and improving science education. If you have any questions or need help getting started, please contact us at

  Professor Lucas, presenting Foldscope data.

Professor Lucas, presenting Foldscope data.


As we work to globally expand access to scientific tools, it makes sense to provide our materials in as many languages as possible. We are working hard with volunteer translators and Foldscope activists to achieve this feat! If you are interested in helping with our translations, learn more below and follow #foldscopetranslations for updates on social media!



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Translation credit & incredible thanks to Dr. Satish Vitthal Patil.

    Translation credit & incredible thanks to Sberbank of Russia.

    Translation credit & incredible thanks to Javier Canteros.



    Check back in this section for more translations in the future.


    We offer incredible thanks to our partners, who are engaging with us to support Foldscope's global distribution efforts.

    Moore Foundation  I  India's Dept of Biotechnology  I  Simons Foundation  I  MilliporeSigma