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We love hearing from you! The best way to get in touch with the Foldscope team is by emailing or reaching out to our social media accounts.

No matter who you are, Microcosmos is for you.

If you are…

  • a teacher interested in using Foldscopes in the classroom

  • a parent looking to inspire your child about science and the natural world

  • a field researcher interested in implementing Foldscope in your community/field site

  • represent a university, school, NGO, government, conservation group

  • or anyone else- a naturalist, hiker, 4th grader, 7th grader, Nobel Laureate, farmer, traveler, artist, you name it!

... please join us on to share your experiences, thoughts, ideas, and requests. The communities we engage with are more important than the tools themselves, and our users, not our core team, drive the most interesting projects. You can find instructions for joining Microcosmos here!

For direct sales questions will be the best contact for us regarding purchase orders and larger volume sales beyond what you can purchase at our store. Those interested in reselling our product should also contact us using this email address.


Foldscope Instruments
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FAX: 650-327-7433