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Think you are missing a part? Having trouble with assembly? You are in the right place! Below are a variety of video tutorials to help you get the most of your Foldscope experience. Please view, comment, and share, your feedback is incredibly valuable.

We are also beginning to offer YouTube Live skill-sharing events, scroll to the bottom of this page for more information! 

Magnetic Couplers & Lenses: think you're missing a lens or a coupler? It's probably there! Check out this video for how to find it!










 Let's assemble your Foldscope!

How to insert a microscope slide

Foldscope viewing 1
Directly with your eye

Foldscope viewing 2
With your phone camera

Sample slide preparation


LED Illumination: Brightfield Mode


How to Register a Foldscope & Post on the Microcosmos


Photo Credit: Summer Ahmed

Special thanks to ChannelH2OTV, with generous technical help from Executive Producer Esteban Pinilla!

Please check out his work via website: http://channelh2otv.com

Video Credit (2-6):

  • Co-directors : Esteban Pinilla and Honomi Ijima
  • Camera / Sound : Esteban Pinilla
  • Filming Assistant : Jorreca Mangonon
  • Video Editor : Honomi Ijima
  • Foldscope Instructions : Honomi Ijima

Ask an Explorer

YouTube Live Foldscope Skill-sharing Events.

Got a Foldscope question? Looking for tips & tricks with immediate feedback? We are beginning to offer live skill-sharing events called "Ask an Explorer" where users can tune in and talk to a Foldscope super-user, ask questions, get feedback, and request tutorials. Kindly hosted by Honomi, our wonderful Director of Community Engagement!

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