1. Let's assemble your Foldscope!

2. How to insert a microscope slide

3. Foldscope viewing :
   Directly with your eye

4. Foldscope viewing :
   With your phone camera

5. Sample slide preparation


6. Missing lenses? They may be stuck to magnetic couplers.


7. LED Illumination: Brightfield Mode


8.Sharing your discovery on Microcosmos

Video Credit (1-5):

Co-directors : Esteban Pinilla and Honomi Ijima
Camera / Sound : Esteban Pinilla
Filming Assistant : Jorreca Mangonon
Editor : Honomi Ijima
Foldscope Instructions : Honomi Ijima

Photo Credit: Summer Ahmed

Special thanks to ChannelH2OTV, with generous technical help from Executive Producer Esteban Pinilla!
Please check out his work via website: http://channelh2otv.com