The Microcosmos

We believe that the most important part of our company is not the tools themselves, but the communities that use them.

The Microcosmos is the collective term we use for our community of explorers & our online platform. On the Microcosmos site,, users from around the world connect, share their observations, ideas, and problems!

It is a place to collaborate, find inspiration, and learn from fellow explorers. With half a million Foldscopes distributed to date, it is quite the far reaching and fascinatingly diverse community.




Register your Foldscope! Every Foldscope comes with a unique ID Sticker, shown in the photo.

The ID sticker has a specially generated code, original to your foldscope alone. Input this code during the registration process to create a Microcosmos account and become able to create posts, comment, and more.

If you do not have a Foldscope, you will not be able to create or comment on Microcosmos posts. You will only be able to read what’s on the site, which we still highly recommend you do!

If you're inspired by what you see and want to join our dynamic community, please visit our store.