People from all of the world have used the Foldscope and have commented on it through Twitter, Facebook, direct emails to the team and in their research papers. We appreciate the response from the community and hope these inspire you to take a new look at what is possible with this simple instrument.

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Francis collins
Director, National Institutes of health

“This microscope could revolutionize disease diagnostics around the world, in hard to reach places… Put microscopes in hands of any curious kid. Empower them with scientific tools to ask and answer scientific questions. “


Richard howey
renown citizen scientist/microscopist

“Some few marvelous, visionary individuals have undertaken a project which might just make it possible for virtually everyone to own a microscope. A brilliant innovator, Manu Prakash at Stanford University, has, along with his research team, created the Foldscope, an “origami” microscope which costs only a few dollars. It is surprisingly versatile, completely portable, and can provide both children and adults the opportunity of discovering hidden dimensions of the world around them. There is a beautiful passion behind this project and in some interesting ways has parallels to the ambitious musical projects of Gustavo Dudamel and the children’s orchestras.”


Pamela Bjorkman
Professor, California Institute of technology

- Pamela Bjorkman (Caltech Prof.)

- Martha Cyert (Stanford Biology Prof.)

- Rob Pringle (Princeton Ecology Prof)

- Vijay Ragavan (Advisor to Prime Minister, Indian Government)

- Arvind Gupta (Toys from Trash fame)

- Sharukh Khan (Indian actor)