Shipping immediately

Larger Foldscope Kits; pre-order (out of stock)

Shipping Feb 2018


When will I receive my foldscopes?

Updated December 2017: In-stock items (Individual Deluxe Kits and T-shirts) ordered from the Foldscope store will ship immediately from our store, typically within 1-2 business days. For USA customers, transit typically takes another 2-6 business days. Transit times for other countries will vary. Individual Deluxe Kits are stocked in our wearhouse and shipped from California. 

Because of high demand on Kickstarter/Backer-kit; Basic Classroom Kits and Large Classroom kits are out-of stock currently. 

Out-of stock items including Basic Classroom Kits (20 Foldscope units) and Large Classroom kits (100 Foldscope units) will ship starting Feb 2018. You can still place your  pre-orders, but the items will only start shipping in Feb 2018, in order they are received. 


When will my credit card be charged?

We will charge your credit card at check-out.


HOW LONG will the sale last?

Discount codes can be found via affiliated advertisers, including by following our Facebook page.  


which countries are the kits available currently? How are shipping costs calculated?

The Foldscope Kits are now available in Domestic US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and India. We are working to open several distribution centers across the world and the kits will be available internationally very soon (2018). This delay is due to high shipping costs currently and we are working to find reliable cost effective shipping partners. 

The shipping cost is the sum of two parts: Base cost and Per item cost and vary between US and Canada. Shipping is priced based on the weight of the packet (0-1.2lbs; 1.2-3.2lbs; 3.2-10lbs). International shipping is charged based on choice of carriers including DHL or USPS. Customs fee (vary by country of destination) is paid by the customer on delivery of items and is not included in the costs. 

Base cost is charged per order shipment. This depends on the location where your Foldscope will be shipped. (See list below)

Per item cost is charged per item. This depends on the location, type of item, and number of item. (See list below)