Technical papers/protocols


Note: Foldscope is not currently approved for diagnostics applications in human health

A novel screening method for potential naringinase producing microorganisms
S. V. Patil, S. H. Koli, B. V. Mohite, R. P. Patil, R. R. Patil, H., P. Borase, V. S. Patil - Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry,Jan 16 2019

Smartphone‐based clinical diagnostics: towards democratization of evidence‐based health care
I. Hernández‐Neuta, F. Neumann, J. Brightmeyer, T. Ba Tis, N. Madaboosi, Q. Wei, A. Ozcan, M. Nilsson - Journal of Internal Medicine, August 6, 2018

Implementación del Foldscope como dispositivo de diagnóstico de cáncer cervical: un estudio de verificación y evaluación
Moya-Salazar J, Bruno M, Rojas-Zumaran V, Bhamla S, Prakash M - Revista Latinoamericana de Patología Clínica y Medicina de Laboratorio Jul-Sep, 2016

Frugal innovation in bioengineering for the detection of infectious diseases
AK Chavali, R Ramji - Springer Publishing (textbook), 2018

Mobile-phone and handheld microscopy for neglected tropical diseases
J Rajchgot, JT Coulibaly, J Keiser - PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, July 6, 2017

Mobile phone and handheld microscopes for public health applications
II Bogoch, J Lundin, NC Lo, JR Andrews - The Lancet, August, 2017

“Smart diagnosis” of parasitic diseases by use of smartphones
MA Saeed, A Jabbar - Journal of Clinical Microbiology, January, 2018

Application of Mobile Phone-Based Portable Microscopy in Clinical Histopathology: A Feasibility Study ASM Waliullah, International Journal of Clinical and Biomedical Research, Vol. 4, no. 2, Apr. 2018, pp. 16-20

Feasibility Study on Blood Cell Counting Using Mobile Phone-Based Portable Microscope ASM Waliullah, International Journal of Clinical and Biomedical Research, Vol. 4, no. 3, July 2018, pp. 76-79

Advanced Techniques in Diagnostic Parasitology
BS Pritt - Springer Publishing (textbook) November 10, 2018 

Diagnosis of Opisthorchis viverrini Infection with Handheld Microscopy in Lao People's Democratic Republic
II Bogoch, S Sayasone, Y Vonghachack - The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene January 6, 2016

Diagnosis of Schistosoma haematobium infection with a mobile phone-mounted foldscope and a reversed-lens CellScope in Ghana 
Ephraim RKD, Duah E, Cybulski JS, Prakash M, D'Ambrosio MV, Fletcher DA, Keiser J, Andrews JR, Bogoch II - American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene April 27. 2015

Patterns of Frugal Innovation in Healthcare
H Arshad, M Radić, D Radić - Technology Innovation Management Review, April 2018  

New digital technologies for the surveillance of infectious diseases at mass gathering events
E.O.Nsoesie, S.A.Kluberg, S.R.Mekaru, M.S.Majumder, K.Khan, S.I.Hay, J.S.Brownstein - Clinical Microbiology and Infection, February 2015

Animal Health

Evaluation of Foldscope, a paper-based origami microscope useful for taxonomic identification of Rhipicephalus sanguineus ticks
S G Parada-Sánchez, C G Meléndez-Salcido, R R Hernández-Castaños, S R Prado-Ávila, J R A Gallegos - Acta Universitaria Multidisciplinary Scientific Journal October 15, 2018

Trypanosomiasis challenge estimation using the diminazene aceturate (Berenil) index in Zebu in Gabon
B. G. A. Cossic, B Adjahoutonon, P. Gloaguen, G.L. Dibanganga, G. Maganga, P. Leroy, E. T. MacLeod, K. Picozzi - Tropical Animal Health and Production, February 14, 2017


Foldscope based methods to detect in-tissue antioxidant activity and secondary metabolites in pollen and stomata of Lantana camara
P Nischal, AD Sharma - Research & Reviews in Biotechnology & Biosciences January 1, 2019

Interpretation Of Physical Properties Like Crystallanity Of Maize Starch Powder Effectively By Foldscope.
S Bhosale - International Journal of Pharmaceutics & Drug Analysis September 29, 2018


A low-cost do-it-yourself microscope kit for hands-on science education
Z Grier, MF Soddu, N Kenyatta, SA Odame, J Sanders, L Wright, F Anselmi - SPIE Optical Engineering + Applications September 14, 2018 

Developing Tools for STEM Education: The Foldscope, a Very Inexpensive Monocular Microscope for Biological Research.
F Denaro, M Gabriel, A Noe, S Nyaga - Microscopy and Microanalysis, August, 2018

Every Child in the World Should Carry a Microscope in Their Pocket
M Prakash - Microscopy and Microanalysis, August, 2018

Service-Learning through Student Generated Tutorial Videos
A Schmitz, N Conklin, Q Aoh - American Society for Engineering Education April 2018

Foldscopes: An Unassuming Technology with a Big Impact
L Marcus - Dordt Voice, Fall 2017

A Low-Cost Bio-Imaging and Incubation System
E Bernitt, C Oettmeier, D Henrichs, H-G Döbereiner - EAI International Conference on Bio-inspired Information and Communications Technologies December 3, 2016

Doing is understanding: science fun in India
A.P. Singh, A. Gupta, R. Gulvady, A. Mhamane, T. E. Saunders - Physics Education, September 29, 2015

Sanitation and Hygiene

The Development of an Innovative One Health Sanitation Science Fair to Cultivate Change Agent Capacity Among Pastoralist Youth in Rural Tanzania
S Bastien, E Hetherington, K Williams, J Hatfield, M Manyama- Chapter in book: Youth as Architects of Social Change December 13, 2017

Youth-driven innovation in sanitation solutions for Maasai pastoralists in Tanzania: Conceptual framework and study design
S Bastien, E Hetherington, J Hatfield, S Kutz - Global Journal of Health Education and Promotion October 2015

Participatory science and innovation for improved sanitation and hygiene: process and outcome evaluation of project SHINE, a school-based intervention in …
E Hetherington, M Eggers, J Wamoyi, J Hatfield, M Manyama, S Kutz and S Bastien - BMC Public Health February 7, 2017 

Ensayos de corte directo (Parte A) para caracterización de subrasantes blandas de baja capacidad portante durante el proceso de falla al corte registrado por …
JL Sarmiento Escalante, F Buitrago Melo - Universidad Militar Nueva Granada September 18, 2018

Public Health and Awareness

Microscopio simple. Mucho más que una simple lupa
A del Mazo Vivar - Revista Eureka sobre Enseñanza y Divulgación de las Ciencias December 26, 2018

Sustainability value creation in frugal contexts to foster Sustainable Development Goals
MG Arnold - Business Strategy and Development, December 18, 2018

Humanitarian Innovation+ Medicine: Defining the Innovation Process
KW Ramadurai, SK Bhatia - Chapter in book: Reimagining Innovation in Humanitarian Medicine December 7, 2018

Reimagining Innovation in Humanitarian Medicine: Engineering Care to Improve Health and Welfare
KW Ramadurai - Springer Publishing Textbook, December 7, 2019


New records of species of Metalutzia (Diptera: Culicidae) from Manipur, India
BD Moirangthem, DC Singh - International Journal of Mosquito Research July 4, 2018 

Two Armigeres species of Manipur, the easternmost Northeast India
BD Moirangthem, DC Singh - International Journal of Mosquito Research July 6, 2018

New records of Culex (Culex) pipiens Linn. from Manipur India
BD Moirangthem, DC Singh - International Journal of Mosquito Research November 2, 2018 

Crowdsourcing Biological Specimen Identification: Consumer technology applied to health-care access
JR Carvalko, C Morris - IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine January 2015

The mouse lemur, a genetic model organism for primate biology, behavior, and health
C Ezran, C J Karanewsky, J L Pendleton, A Sholtz, M R Krasnow, J Willick, A Razafindrakoto, S Zohdy, M A Albertelli and M A Krasnow - Genetics June 1, 2017

Machine Learning  

Using Deep Learning for Segmentation and Counting within Microscopy Data
CX Hernández, MM Sultan, VS Pande - Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition February 28, 2018


10,000 Reasons Why You Should Have A Microscope
Richard L. Howey - Personal Website, 2018

Foldscope: A paper microscope you can attach to your smartphone
M Anderson - IEEE Spectrum November 11, 2018

Open Source 3D‐printed focussing mechanism for cellphone‐based cellular microscopy
YK Jawale, U Rapol, CA Athale - Journal of Microscopy November 12, 2018

Compact microscopy systems with non-conventional optical techniques
T Kamal
 - PhD Thesis 2018

A New Course on Sustainable Product Development for Low Resource Settings
P Singh - 9th Conference on Engineering Education for Sustainable Development June, 2018

Microscopy & Microanalysis 2018
Y Picard - Microscopy Today, May 8 2018

Foldscope: An innovative microscope
A Mohan - The National Medical Journal of India September 1, 2015

The Foldscope and its gemological applications
K Pleatman - Gems & Gemology Spring, 2015

Frugal science: A physicist view on tackling global health and education challenges
M Prakash - 2018

based controllable illumination for multi-mode microscopy
S Kaur, R McGorty - 2019

Cost hurdles to open access publishing: A citizen scientist perspective
W Ng - 2017

Corporate and Grassroot Frugal Innovation: A Comparison of Top-Down and Bottom-Up Strategies
L Wohlfart, M Bünger, C Lang-Koetz, and F Wagner - 2016

A Conversation with Manu Prakash
M Pandika - 2017

Gen X: A Generation That Can Help Save the Planet?
R Baskin, C Sommer - 2017 

Microscopios de Papel Plegable
M Montiel-Herrera - 2016

The two faces of frugal innovation-bridging gaps to foster successful innovation strategies
L Wohlfart, M Bünger, C Lang-Koetz, and F Wagner - 2015

Funding Frugal Innovation in Global Health: Philanthropy, Aid, and Industry
R Neal - 2018 

Implementation of a global humanitarian outreach experience by partnering engineering, business, and high-tech nursing education with a non-governmental
V Carlson-Oehlers ; P J Jung ; B A Cohen - 2017

A high-speed microscopy approach to single-molecule studies of eukaryote signal transduction
EG Hedlund - 2016

The do‐it‐yourself movement as a source of innovation in biotechnology–and much more
V de Lorenzo, M Schmidt - 2017

Anthelmintic drug discovery: into the future
TG Geary, 2015

A Flexible and Economical Field Microscope
G Shipley, R Hoelter - 2015

Stratégies frugales pour la fabrication d'instruments scientifiques basés sur la photonique à coût abordable
F Piuzzi - 2015

From Diagnostics to Donkeys: Analytical Chemists Easing World Poverty
R Airmet - 2016 

Impresión 3D de estructuras cardiacas: Caso de innovación frugal en sector salud
V Arias, J Contreras-Velásquez, J Chacón, M Vera, Y Huerfano, M Graterol-Rivas, S Wilches-Duran, J Rojas, Carlos Garicano, M Chacín, V Bermúdez - 2015

Dominique Bergmann
D Bergmann - 2018

A people's science
NR Record - 2017

Business models for sustainable innovation–an empirical analysis of frugal products and services
E Rosca, M Arnold, JC Bendul - 2017

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek
R Haidar - 2016

Microscopy: a very short introduction
TD Allen - 2015

From Animaculum to single molecules: 300 years of the light microscope
A J M Wollman, R Nudd, E G Hedlund, M C Leake - 2015

Innovation and shortage: The Yin and Yang of the health sector
K Eggleston - 2018

printr: Exploring the Potential of Paper-based Tools in Low-resource Settings
J Chen, A Abouzied, D Hutchful, Joy Ming, Alshita Ghosh - 2016