Having trouble with assembly? Want some help getting started? You’re in the right place!

Looking for a copy of our written manual included with every Foldscope? You can find the English-language version here! For instructions in other languages, check out the Translations tab!

Below are a variety of video and written tutorials to help you get the most of your Foldscope experience. These videos, and more (like translated tutorials & recaps of our workshops and events), can be found on our YouTube Channel. Subscribe to keep up!

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Assembly & registration

Learn how to assemble your Foldscope.

Learn how to register on our community website, Microcosmos, and start sharing your discovery with fellow Foldscoper users around the world!

Learn how to geotag your existing Microcosmos posts so that you can keep track of where you have been exploring.

How to prepare & insert slides

Learn how to prepare your microscope slides.

Learn how to insert microscope slides into a Foldscope.


Learn how to view specimens directly with your eye!

Learn how to attach your Foldscope to your phone and take photos and videos.